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Originally Posted by agoglanian View Post
So in your opinion, would you lean more towards a 150 to compliment the 60 if you weren't necessarily doing "macro" work? I'm not much of a portrait guy but I do like to have people in my images, more for environmental context but I'm typically working at a distance with my Hasselblad.

I appreciate the presence the 60mm offers, and I do have an extension tube handy which I could throw on a 150 to reduce the MFD.

Mostly I want the longer lens for tighter framing, not necessarily "macro" work, though I will occasionally do very close up shots when the need calls for it.
I think that for the non-macro, yet still fairly close distances you plan to use it for, the 120 will serve you well. The clue here is that you plan to use an extension tube with a 150. That's close enough to justify a 120!
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