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Don't expect the 120mm Makro-Planar to be tack sharp outside the macro range. As a macro lens, it is stunningly sharp; but I have found that it goes soft at long distances. Stopping down helps; at f/16 you can get acceptable sharpness at infinity. There is a comment, on another forum, by Dr. Fleischer, then head of lens applications at Carl Zeiss. He said that Zeiss does not recommend the Makro-Planar at longer distances. His advice was to use the Makro-Planar for subjects the size of a computer screen, or smaller; and use the 100mm Planar for anything the size of a window or larger.

I do agree that the 60mm gives a very natural field of view. At times I think of it as my normal lens. At other times, it's the 50FLE.
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