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Originally Posted by wwfloyd View Post
Having noted that I purchased some original HC-110 from B&H -- my first ever... I have a question. I've opened the bottle several times, since I did not at first have a smaller bottle to work from. Each time, there are a few spots of darker color at the surface of the syrup. I presume one is supposed to shake / mix it. I expect the same to happen now, with the smaller bottle; shake before use?

Your bottle will get uglier and uglier as time moves on. Chunks will appear in the fluid and the color will turn dark red. No worries! It does not matter. The developer will work just fine. Continue to use it just as you always have. That's the beauty of HC-110. The stuff is near bullet proof results wise, no matter how much the syrup changes. My bottle of HC-110 is so dark red that dilution E has a strong, very brown color to it. That's a mere 2% dilution! And it is dark brown. That is how discolored my HC-110 bottle is. And it still develops just fine.

It's a real shame that Kodak messed with this formula. A real shame.
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