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I'm very sorry for those that rely on this developer and its ability to last forever. I switched to it during grad school when I wasn't shooting much at all and doing all-day development sessions every 6 months or so, and five years later, still half half a bottle.
I also didn't particularly favor it—it did the job as an all-purpose developer, but I didn't often take advantage of stand/semi-stand development, and didn't care much for the speed loss with TMY, my preferred fast film.

That said, I do see the virtues of it, and occasionally run HP5 or Tri-X through. Since getting back to developing frequently otherwise standardized on Delta 100/Xtol and TMY/DD-X for pushing.

I'm hoping whatever changes are in store for Xtol aren't too ponderous. It's by far my favorite and always available at my local shop.
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