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Originally Posted by cassel View Post
Hi Brett-
The Rolleicord V that I got was literally free when I bought the baby!
The shutter/shutter release is jammed. I made it worse messing around with it trying to get it to fire- it's now stuck in self-timer mode. Also, the advance is crunchy and working odd... camera smells musty like mildew.

BUT the glass is nice and clear and overall condition is good. Ground glass is pretty dim. Seems like a good one would be a fun camera to shoot but this one needs repair.
Sounds like the shutter itself may be stuck. Won't advance because it's not released, and won't release because it's stuck. Cockiing/release lever will be locked up as a result.

I don't know how proficient you are in camera repair but if you have some experience I can walk you through dismantling and re-assembling the front to get to the shutter and so on. The V is a lovely model, probably my favourite Cord.
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