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Originally Posted by cassel View Post
Recently, in my Yashica D thread, I shared the news of a recent acquisition of two more TLRs - a Rolleicord V and a Grey Rolleiflex 4x4 "Baby"

The Rolleicord is on the shelf for now - not working

BUT the Rolleicord was just a bonus in the deal - what I really wanted was the Baby After hauling around the Yashica D this year- I was sure I "needed" something a little smaller

The first roll - ReraPan 127 - 100 B&W - is in! It looks decent. Shot around Seattle on a bright summer day in July with no hood or filter. The resolution is good - contrast was a bit flat so I bumped it a bit in Photoshop. That's it!

The Xenar is a good performer. I could see in a couple of frames (you get 12 on a roll - like the big brother Rolleiflex) the dreaded film flatness scanning issues but not a huge issue. Check out some samples:

Next up - ReraChrome 100 speed slide film! Got a hood on the way and some "SuperSlide" mounts. FUN FUN FUN
I think this is the first time I've checked out this thread, it is a good one. You do not see a plethora of images from people using the baby Rolleis in 2017 so it's very interesting and enjoyable to look at what you are getting from one. Thank you for sharing these images with us.

But what is wrong with the Rolleicord V? Though they live in the shadows of their more illustrious Rolleiflex brethren they are superb image makers. Actually the V is a personal favourite. It just seems to handle the best for me and the EV coupling is easy to override compared to the detents used on the later Va and Vb models. Is it badly damaged? Maybe we can help you get it working.
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