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Originally Posted by Larry Cloetta View Post
They have it in stock, but it is $16 a roll and somebody just spooled it themself. It is really much cheaper just to DIY, you can do it as well as they can.
I do just use 120 paper, cut down. Ideally, the paper would be 1.5mm or so wider than the film, and center the film in the paper. This would more closely duplicate factory 127 (not respooled versions like Rerapan), and makes it more light leak proof if loading the camera in sunlight. Better to load and unload camera in very subdued light with respools anyway, to be safe.
There are a variety of ways to cut down 120 film and paper simultaneously. You don't need to make a cutter yourself. I don't have the links readily at hand, but just do a google search for "respooling 127 film". There are plenty of resources. There are youtube videos of just using a cigar cutter to cut film and paper down, takes about 2 minutes to do that way, in the dark. Then cut it to length and respool it. Or, lay out a metal straight edge to length and just use an exacto knife. I am not giving total details here, but these can be found online,; look at a variety of sources and see what works for you. You need more details than what I am saying here.

It helps to get a NOS roll of unused kodak 127 film, and unroll it, and see exactly how long the backing paper is, and exactly where and how the film is attached to the paper and how far the paper extends past the film on both ends...then just duplicate that for a perfect result. There is no point paying B and H $16 a roll for this.
Do it yourself and you can use whatever film you want, for the same cost per roll as the roll of 120 you cut down. Or, eventually, get some bulk 127 and do it for much less than that.
You may make a mistake or two figuring out exactly how to do the first roll you do yourself, but trust me, it's not really that hard or involved once you settle on a system.
This is helpful and thanks for taking the time to reply in detail. I've done a bit of research but not much about re-spooling film but I just haven't had the confidence to try it... The cutters are all homemade contraptions but as long as the film is cut accurately it should work fine.

I've got 10 extra spools and an old roll of Kodak 127 on hand now and 5 rolls of Tri-X in 120 Just need confidence and a cutter!
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