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Originally Posted by cassel View Post
Anyone experimented with "rolling your own" 127 film from 46mm or 120 film?
I have been cutting down 120 film to use in mine, mostly just whatever 120 film I would normally use. That was just more appealing to me than trying the Rerapan. It's not that difficult once you get in the habit, and there are various procedural guides available on the web, though they differ a bit. That's all Rerapan is doing, re-spooling Lord knows what and overcharging for the labor involved. If you are only going to shoot a roll or two a year and like their emulsion that probably makes sense. If you want to shoot the camera frequently, and prefer a possibly nicer emulsion, it makes more sense to spool your own. At least it did to me.
That does make using this camera quite a bit cheaper in terms of actual cash outlay, though there is the cost in time to spool up a few rolls. I am recently retired, so, though my time used to command a very high price, now it is apparently worth nothing, so there's that.
On a yearly basis, Ilford makes 50 foot rolls of various emulsions available in their ULF program in 127. This year it was HP5+ so I bought 100 feet. I haven't spooled that up yet, because I need to accumulate a few more empty spools, so I can roll it all in one sitting. (BTW, the Baby Rollei seems to get along better with metal spools than plastic ones, so I have gradually been shooting up old Verichrome Pan just to get the nicer spools.)
These are lovely little cameras, but as bought on ebay out of someone's garage, they are unlikely to be operating correctly in terms of shutter speed and reliable film advance. I had Mark Hansen refurb mine, but I think Koh's might do them also.
Still hoping for new film in 127 to be available from Film Ferrania that they have teased, though.
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