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Love my Baby - Rolleiflex 4x4
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Love my Baby - Rolleiflex 4x4

Recently, in my Yashica D thread, I shared the news of a recent acquisition of two more TLRs - a Rolleicord V and a Grey Rolleiflex 4x4 "Baby"

The Rolleicord is on the shelf for now - not working

BUT the Rolleicord was just a bonus in the deal - what I really wanted was the Baby After hauling around the Yashica D this year- I was sure I "needed" something a little smaller

The first roll - ReraPan 127 - 100 B&W - is in! It looks decent. Shot around Seattle on a bright summer day in July with no hood or filter. The resolution is good - contrast was a bit flat so I bumped it a bit in Photoshop. That's it!

The Xenar is a good performer. I could see in a couple of frames (you get 12 on a roll - like the big brother Rolleiflex) the dreaded film flatness scanning issues but not a huge issue. Check out some samples:

Next up - ReraChrome 100 speed slide film! Got a hood on the way and some "SuperSlide" mounts. FUN FUN FUN
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