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Originally Posted by farlymac View Post
Good to make an acquaintance, Agent. I got the T for using the wide and super-wide lenses on since I already had the zoom finder. That way I can use the regular focal lengths on the M4-P. Now I just need a larger bag to be able to haul both bodies.

BTW, I have the Trigger Winder-T in olive. I ordered it for my olive Bessa-R without checking first if it even took the darn thing. I could use it on my T or R2S, but they're black, and the olive just looks so wrong with them.

How is the trigger winder in use? I've handled one of the Canon rangefinders that had one built in, but it felt a little clunky to me, I am unsure how it would fit into the shooting experience. Although if nothing else it would provide a chunkier grip. Does it render the normal winder unusable when installed, or can you still use the top-mount winder?
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