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Originally Posted by Doug View Post
Welcome to RFF! My Bessa T is a chrome one but I do have the 3.5/50mm Heliar. It's a very fine lens, though funky looking and can be a little awkward to use. Same for the Bessa T! I generally leave it extended while out shooting, and fold it in only when completely done.

One reviewer stated it was the sharpest 50mm lens he'd ever tested, and I can't argue with that, but will add that it has a pleasant rendering as well. I was just using mine on a Leica M240 last week.
I have heard the claims of sharpest 50mm as well, so I am really curious to try it out. I have to think the oddball shape will keep folks from caring whether I seem to be including them in shots. Generally I find the more "old-timey" a camera looks the less people get up in arms about street photographs.
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