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Originally Posted by mpaniagua View Post
Welcome to the forum!.

I use my Bessa T from time to time. I think is one of the most neglected of the M Bessas. I find the rangefinder pretty nice on use. Since I'm used to viewfinder from my Leica LTM cameras, for me it not big issue that it lacks a viewfinder. Also mine is green so I like it very much. Only issue I have with it is strap holes position. It makes for a backward postiion when having it around your need. Camera twist to the front so not that comfortable. Otherwise a great and fun camera to use, especially for wide lens.

Have fun.


Mine is green as well! Those colors and especially the Heliar collapsing lens just look so good. My kit includes the VF, and 50mm viewfinders are hard to find it seems. So I may replace the Heliar with something cheaper and faster like a Canon 50mm f1.8, but I'll keep the viewfinder! Maybe the heavier lens elements will straighten out the camera a little on the strap.
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