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Originally Posted by Michael Markey View Post
Is this more what you are after.
Sharpness reduced from neutral to -0.7 and everything else neutral.
Yes, there's a bit less aliasing and I think that reducing SPP's sharpening helps in that respect. I think maybe it also has to do with the contrast of the light in that scene (?) I personally find that in diffuse light the Merrills really do well overall.

With even and diffuse light, it seems there's less 'crunchiness' and things look more like film photographs. It's only just my opinion and personal tastes, and I do realize that others might like that 'crunchiness' or 'enhanced micro-contrast' that the X3F files tend to have. But to me, sometimes it can look odd and more like some kind of weird aliasing or something. I use SPP only to convert and do minimal exposure adjustments and some white balance. The rest, including any sharpening, gets done in Photoshop instead.

Here are a couple of just goofing around exposures when I first got the Merrills (I have better examples and better images on my work computer but I'm on my small laptop right now and don't have access to them; I can post more later to better show what I'm trying to convey.) There's no sharpening in SPP and just some basic editing in PS. To me, they look more like 'regular' images and without that increased 'crunchy' micro-contrast. But I think in the end that it all depends on subject matter and what kind of overall look one is after.
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