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Hello DP aficianados, normally i restrict color to film, but on a trip up Highway 101 from San Francisco, I set the dp2 to Landscape color for some images of beaches and surf rocks in bright diffused afternoon light. I also used one or two ND filters (2x, 4x).

The results on a monitor show green casts/patches in the volcanic gray beach sand from a distance. I've heard a bit about green/magenta casts from the Merrill, but since I rarely shoot color, have paid little attention.

Anything you all can advise (from your own trial/error/best practice) about avoiding funky color cast in the future--other than shoot & process monochrome on the DPM, which I do 95% of the time?

(Btw I was duplicating some of these images with the Bronica RF645/Provia--no color cast expected there...)
Robert Hill Long
Southern Pines, North Carolina USA
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