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Originally Posted by davidnewtonguitars View Post
I have bought many items from Japan and in the US, have never had a duty. What does DHL do differently from all the others, USPS for example, that causes duties? I am wondering because I just bought an M6ttl, and Irohas has shipped it DHL.
Duty for shipments inbound to the US depends on the item type, and can also depend on the ship method.

If the shipper uses USPS, and the shipment is to an individual, most of the time even dutiable items can arrive without duties being collected.

If the shipper uses Fedex/UPS/DHL, and there are collectible duties, the shipper may charge a brokerage fee on top of the duties.

35mm film cameras have zero duties to the US.

Search the harmonized tariff codes here:

For those that buy from overseas on a regular basis, ask the seller to use the appropriate codes, this will usually result in faster customs clearance and sometimes can prevent incorrect duties from being collected.
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