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Originally Posted by CharlesDAMorgan View Post
I remember it well, dear old Rt Revd Dr David Jenkins and his conjuring trick with bones sermon prior to his appointment to the see of Durham (which bishop's throne is higher than St Peters). I went up to Durham University as a fresher the following year, and heard him preach on occasion. I can hardly imagine such a furore here today over the finer details of theology, it seems so Victorian. I much preferred the sound of the choir singing Evensong, and that magnificent Harrison Organ, which lower pitched pipes seemingly resonating all the building and me. Wonderful.

If anybody here is visiting the North of England, York Minster and Durham Cathedral are two of the world's finest, the latter a magnificent Norman building described by Sir Walter Scott as "Half church of God, half castle 'gainst the Scot" on a natural peninsula defended by an immense mediaeval castle. I must go back some day and take some photographs I neglected to do as a student.

Yes it was the first thing that came to mind when I heard and then saw the news.

I'll second the tourist/tourism paragraph too; we have some superb churhes etc here and yet only one or two famous ones get the attention.

Regards, David
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