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Re: dentists...I always associated them with titanium bicycles. I've never known a Serotta rider that wasn't a dentist. A little while back I stopped in my neighborhood bike co-op that must have had 5 or so of them, and a friend joked that something horrible must have happened at a local dental convention...

My cat doesn't seem to mind an SLR too much. That's one piece of equipment that gets used more to photograph cats than anything else: my brother left an old Micro-Nikkor at my house years and years ago and refuses to let me give it back to him. I don't have much use for it, so I'll pop it on and run through a short roll from the end of a bulk roll just for the heck of it taking pictures of things around the house.

F100, Micro-Nikkor 105mm, TMY, XTol

I'm with rfaspen, she makes a great test subject for DR and developing. M5, 50 Planar, TMY in Rodinal

And a personal favorite, my SO's cat, a rescue from a very sad situation outside Spokane. He's afraid of everything, but wonderfully loving. M5, 35 Biogon, TMY in Perceptol
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