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Any developer unwilling, or unable, to keep their products updated with new operating system releases are failing already and not worth investing more money into, in the form of buying their products and upgrades. It takes very little effort to set the configuration in the macOS/iOS development tools (Xcode primarily) to ensure a 64-bit executable, and nothing more than good software engineering practices to ensure that you are not making assumptions about the register/word-size layout of the hardware.

I am always ready to migrate to better tools. I only linger around using old tools out of habit, convenience, and personal laziness. I've seen many many many apps and software companies come and go over the past thirty-plus years as the development of today's operating systems has happened. Just like I saw many many changes happen in the formulations of film and chemistry in the film photography world over the past fifty-some years, I just changed what I used and how I worked as new things arrived and old things stopped working.

For example: I already have three potential replacements for Lightroom since I know that v6.14 is the end of the line with it for me. I'll be sad to see it go, but it's already broken in many particulars and I have no interest in supporting Adobe's subscription model. One of these days I'll switch all my stuff over to Luminar or On1, or whatever, and say good bye. It's been a good run with Lightroom, over a decade's serious use and thousands of rendered photographs. But all things in their Time, to echo my sentiments from another thread.

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