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Originally Posted by lynnb View Post
This news article on Thom Hogan's site is essential reading if you intend moving to Apple's next 64-bit OS now or in the future, or if you will upgrade to a future Windows 64-bit OS.

The summary: software, apps and even files that are written in 32-bit code will not be able to be used or opened in the new 64-bit operating systems. Some software that is currently 64-bit uses 32-bit code behind the scenes.

I already keep an old Mac to run Epson Scan software. When it comes time to upgrade my current Mac Mini, I will probably keep it to run my non-subscription Adobe CS6/LR6, plug-ins and other software that is not 64-bit compatible, and disconnect it from the internet to avoid any malware concerns.
Thanks for the heads-up Lynn. Apple did a similar thing with iOS a few years ago, but did it under the radar, and numerous iPhone/iPad apps were disabled with the new iOS because of the change (can't remember if it was from 32 - 64 or from 16 - 32, but numerous software developers threw in the towel when their apps couldn't work, and refused to redevelop them for the new system). One of my favorite "on the go" photo editing apps, Photogene fell victim to the upgrade.

I find it very frustrating.


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