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Originally Posted by Corran View Post
I've been running a 64-bit OS for almost 10 years now. How is this news?
Hi Corran,

I've been running Mac 64-bit OS for years, too. That's not the issue reported in this article - the issue is the withdrawal of 32-bit support from the next version of the Mac OS:

From the Mac Observer: "64-bit support has been around starting with macOS 10.5, and now 32-bit support is being phased out. Apple started requiring 64-bit support for all titles submitted to the Mac App Store as of January."

So if existing 64-bit Mac OS users (including myself) upgrade to the updated OS, some programs, apps and files will not be supported i.e. they may lose some or all functionality depending on what functions rely on 32-bit code (which may be embedded within a 64-bit application).

At present this is a Mac-only issue, but if/when (more likely when) Windows withdraws 32-bit support, Win users will face the same issue.
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