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Leica IIIF Shutter Issue?
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Leica IIIF Shutter Issue?

Hey everyone,

New here, but need some advice on recent roll of film I've had back as it's kind of stumped me.

I have ended up with pretty much two whole rolls of half frame shots back from the lab.

I would have automatically assumed that these would be caused by a shutter issue, however I have also had another couple of rolls which I've developed myself which did not have these issues. So I'm left with two theories:
- There is a shutter issue (which means it's CLA time).
- The extra long lead has caused an issue for the development.

I've attached a few shots from the rolls in question, plus one that I developed at home myself.

All the shots were taken between 1/60th and 1/1000th. The colour shots were done by the lab, the B&W ones at home.

Any similar experiences? I've looked at the shutter curtain and done some slow mo video of the shutter and it doesn't look to the untrained eye to be an issue.
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