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I remember Kiemchacsu's set in another thread featuring the village people of Vietnam, and that was also very special.

These few are from my last trip back in 2009, while on my way to Sapa. They are on the Nikon D200 (digital, yeeks!), so if its contrary to the thread, please feel free to remove them

Stamp carver, Hanoi
Hand carved wood stamps which I simply had to get for myself and friends. I even got them autographed. They take pride in what they do, and I respect that. They may be doing it on the street, but they do it with heart.

Girl with baby brother, Sapa, Vietnam, 2009.
Shot with my Nikon F100 on HP5 (I think) and scanned with my cheapo scanner back in 2009.

Perimeter of Hoa Kiem Lake, Hanoi.
Street hawkers are plenty, and this is how they sustain their lives and their families, through sheer determination.

They didnt win the war by chance. They won it through gritting their teeth and getting down and dirty to survive.

I have crawled through the tunnels with my Domke F2, and till today, I have no clue how they did it with rice, babies, rifles and tools for 20 years.

Oh yes, the coffee...ROCKS.
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