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Originally Posted by RFOBD View Post
Okay, so I'm not actually making a whole, just a dent to get a grip with.
Yes, just enough to allow a lens spanner to get a good grip on it.

I know that all rotary tools are not Dremels, but if I'm going to spend $19 on something like that, I'd rather spend another $10 and get a likely more reliable one from the big name company.
There is another option, but I don't know exactly what you call it, but you see them in hobby shops. It's kind of a spindle that holds a very small drill bit allowing you to drill small holes, manually, by hand. Somebody reported doing this using one of these things.

I already had the Dremel, for jewelry making and such. It's one of the most handy things there is in the world! Any large hobby shop will have them, along with countless wheels, bits, and whatzits for them.

LOL, whenever I join in the real-time chat on another camera board, one of the guys there gives me a hard time about destroying things with the Dremel.
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