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Originally Posted by Hibbs View Post
Thanks Bill, Peter and nickthetasmaniac. I have no plans to sell. Just happy to breath some life back into this rig.

I managed to find an S3 manual over at Butkus. Towards the end there is mention of a LTM adapter. Are these difficult to find? I have several lenses for the Canon P and wondered about using them on the Pentax.

If were to add another wide angle Tak, what would be one to look out for? I recall reading in the MX thread about a particular wide that is highly sought after. 28 3.5?

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Very little difference between the Super S2 and the S3.

As Peter says, LTM - M42 doesn't work if you want infinity focus. However, there are a number of M42 - Leica M adapters on the market (I have one). However I think these are a new thing that has emerged since digital M's could take an external EVF.

Regarding a wide-angle, I'm going to contradict Peter and say the 28/f3.5 is slightly better regarded than the 35/f3.5 Regardless, both are very good and generally cheap. I have the 35/f2 but probably wouldn't recommend it, especially for the price.

A great longer lens is the 105/f2.8, which is generally pretty affordable.

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