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Asahi Pentax S2
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Asahi Pentax S2

So...once a week I volunteer at a local church. Sometimes older SLRs are found in a box with among other items.

This morning, a very good condition Pentax S2 came in that had a light meter attached to the pentaprism. Also included were two lenses. A 55mm f1.8 and a tiny 135mm f3.5. A couple of flashes, cable release in a Pentax, brown leather bag.

The photo guy in charge at the church said make an offer. Because I wasn't sure if it all worked, I said ten bucks. Sold. When I left, he said that he thought I overpaid and should look through the other manual film stuff and grab something else.

I am much more of an Olympus guy but would appreciate any comments Pentaxians may have regarding this camera and lenses. Is the 55mm f1.8 a standout? What is the light meter worth?

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