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Originally Posted by TenEleven View Post
As a Rolleiflex user I found the Mamiya 6 75/3.5 lens to be wholly unimpressive. Yes it's sorta sharp but it also has a very flat almost dead rendering that, I guess, lends itself well to the deadpan landscapes that people shoot a lot these days. Oddly enough the Mamiya 7 80/4 and 65/4 lenses are amazing.

By the ways of suggestion, if you're willing to wait a bit for a clean example and are able to deal with the odd haptics, you could get a Super Balax with the 80/2.8 Ennit lens. The viewfinder and rangefinder patch are very very bright and clear. Best in class. The camera is tiny (smaller than even the already svelte Pearl IV) and weighs a tiny 560grams.

Some technical discussion of it in Japanese (use Google translate):

Here's some photos from that:
I have the Balda Hapo 66e, very similar, but smaller f stop, not so many choices of shutter speeds. But like the quoted says tiny and light.
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