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Anyone know this SLR lens? Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.5 52EN Lens
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Anyone know this SLR lens? Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.5 52EN Lens

I have a definite soft spot for short and mid range tele lenses and just recently stumbled on an eBay ad (there are many such ads as this is a common lens) for a Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.5 52EN lens. This lens, in my case dating from the 1990's, is one in a long series of similarly spec'd macro/micro lenses by Tamron, Tokina and others which started in the manual focus era. I believe the successors to the lens are still going strong - though much more expensive than the $100 I paid for my slightly older one.

Pentax Forums rates the lens very highly with 9.5 score for sharpness and it is also acknowledged as having very nice bokeh - something my so far limited tests tend to confirm. In terms of build quality I am pleasantly surprised. It has a sold feel to it and its body seems to be more or less on par with Nikkors of that era - being built from high-grade polycarbonate. It focuses very quickly and accurately, as fast if not faster than the Micro Nikkor AF D 105mm f2.8 if my memory serves me correctly. (I no longer own this lens but had one in years past). Its focus system is also quieter than I had anticipated. Maybe my expectations were too low. Though its look screams "1990's" I do not mind this appearance having several Nikkors dating to that time. The later Tamron lenses of this sort are not especially handsome in any event. I suppose its lens coatings are not quite up to par though.

I will post some images but as the lens only arrived yesterday afternoon I have not yet had the chance to process and upload any.

But I would be interested in knowing if others have experience with the lens or more knowledge about it and this series of lenses in general. I do not believe I have ever bought a Tamron lens previously so am a virgin in this space.

PS I am not interested in macro photography and intend using this as a normal short tele lens.
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