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Originally Posted by emilsand View Post
OK, this is a first world problem, and I do apologize.

Last Monday I woke up early, and noticed I'd received an email from one of those pricespy websites, telling me that there had been a price drop for one of my watched products.

Indeed, the Leica Monochrom typ 246 was available for $1600 from the largest dealer in Norway. I couldn't even remember setting up a price watch, but I bought it. It arrived on Friday, and I've only tested it to make sure everything is ok. It is. Matter of fact, the ISO performance of this camera is superb.

Here is the "dilemma" (okay, it is not a dilemma - there are no negatives here): I have an M240 that is good enough for me. I don't need an M246, but at this price I could happily live with it for those, I don't know, special moments?

My usual dealer has offered me around $4200 in credit for it, which is tempting. At some point that would go a long way towards an M10. If I sell this camera, I would most likely never buy another one again. A $7000 b/w camera is not where I'm at.

So, what would you do? I don't know if I'm looking for confirmation, or a wake up call, but most of all I would like to hear what you would do.
Why apologize about “1st world problems”? You were born where and when you were born. Live your life justly and you’ve earned the right to the benefits of your circumstance.

The M10M is right around the corner. Sell the 246 now because the price will fall as soon as the new model appears. Its DR ought to be a leap beyond the previous Monochrom models
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