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Originally Posted by mob81 View Post
I found a stash of Provia 400X (120 and 35mm) Lots of them
however, they were expired on early 2015. it was on the freezer since bought. I think it's still good (at least I hope) and was wondering if I should over expose it or since it's 5 years only and it's been in the freezer?
They should be fine, as they have been in the freezer since the purchase.
When you shoot the first roll you can also go the "very safe route" and make tow exposures per subject: One with exposure at EI 400/27, and another one with EI 320/26.
because in the worst case the films may have lost 1/3 stop in speed, but certainly not more because of the refridegeration.

Cheers, Jan
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