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Originally Posted by Greg Maslak View Post
On a related note, just yesterday my son and I "unbox" a legendary Nakamichi Dragon, purchased a few years before the Mamiya. (I was single in those days and prone to shopping therapy). The Dragon had been sitting idle for at least a decade. Anticipation was high, but there was no power to the control panel. The channel LCDs and counter light, so hopefully it's just a fuse. But if it's more, there is little I can do about it. Find one that works and they are a small fortune. "As Is", and you can have it for less than the Mamiya.
Wow, brings back memories... those who are too young to have been into audio in the '80s won't appreciate how big a deal the Dragon was. Anyway, re service, you might check to see if this guy is still in business:

Getting back to the OP's conundrum: I've owned Mamiya 6 equipment too, sold it in part because of concern about long-term serviceability. My concern is a bit lower since Bob Watkins (linked in my earlier post) established himself as a Mamiya 6/7 specialist, but of course that depends on how long he is able to stay active, and whether a successor is able to continue the business when Bob retires. Thinking about long-term availability of service, I'm still a bit more comfortable with purely mechanical cameras, though there are no guarantees with those either.
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