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Fear of the Mamiya 6
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Fear of the Mamiya 6

I saved up $2000 to spend on a Mamiya 6 (interchangeable lenses version) and 50mm.

It's my new "must have obsession", after having accumulated an F4s, an OM-1, a Contax G, a Rolleiflex, and an M4, in that order.

However, I'm now getting cold feet because my F4's LCD has started to bleed, and while the Contax G is still holding strong, the recent RFF thread on the G2 shutter failure is a bleak reminder of the impending end-of-life for my electronic cameras.

At $200 a pop, I would buy a new Contax in a heartbeat if mine bit the dust, but at $1,000 the Mamiya 6 body is harder to replace.

I think I'd be OK if I could get 8 years of reliable service before something major went wrong with the Mamiya, but I don't have a sense of delicate they are. I heard the film advance can give problems, but I believe it's still repairable. Are there other weak spots?
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