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Originally Posted by Swift1 View Post
So I managed to get out today and shoot a quick test roll with my recently acquired Canon LTM 50/1.4
So far, the lens is working great and I like it.
Here are a few wide open shots. I think the rangefinder on my Canon 7 might be slightly off, as both these are slightly back focused.
This first one is me, taken by my caregiver. Both were shot with my Canon 7, on Fujicolor 100

Lovely photos as always, Colton! Keep shooting it and see how you get along. My guess is that at minimum focus wide open, the depth of field is so shallow that it's hard to tell the difference between back focus (camera error) or barely missing focus (user error).

In my experience, when you do nail focus wide open, the lens can be quite sharp in the right conditions. For me, this lens' sweet spot is f/2 and f/2.8, but f/1.4 is there if I really need it.
I like my lenses sharp as a tank and built like a tack.

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