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Perspective depends on one thing - the subject to lens distance.

"why it is easier to make fast wide sonnar for aps-c" ?

The surface area is lower for APS-C. This reduces the manufacturing costs for materials, lens element size and quality assurance.

However, a 62-62 degree angle of view with APS-C requires a 24 mm focal length. Now some (or most) of the manufacturing advantages are reduced. This accounts for the size and cost of FUJIFILM's best XF lenses The Ultra-Fast line) in the range of 14-23 mm.

There is no free lunch.

The f2.8 FUJIFILM XF 16 and 23 mm (and longer focal length) Compact Line lenses require on-board distortion correction correction parameters. This reduces lens size and manufacturing costs.

APS-C offers no inherent advantage in terms of lens manufacturing costs.
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