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Whenever I browse through Flickr for Mamiya 7/7II photos taken with the N 43 mm L or the N 50 mm L lens, most of the time I like the 50 mm pictures better. On many 43 mm pictures the extra-wide angle-of-view is used poorly or entirely wasted; often the picture would have come out better if it had been taken with 50 mm (or even 65 mm) instead. Using the 43 mm well is hard. But if it is used well then the results can be absolutely stunning ... unfortunately, that happens rarely. Many users of the 43 mm would be better off with the 50 mm.

Super-wides such as the N 43 mm L always sneak something extra into the picture on their own—an element of flamboyancy or surrealism. The photographer needs to be aware of that and deal with it.
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