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Hi Kevin, thanks for the comment. Dental panoramic film comes in sheets. These are 5x12 inches and my batch expired in 2009. It appears that the current replacement for this film from both Kodak and others is 6x12 inches. For me 5x12 is great because it cuts down to 3 sheets of 4x5 with only two cuts so I can use it in my view camera and 4x5 pinhole when I make it.

I've found it a dream to use. It's the only x-ray film I've used but I haven't had any contrast issues that people have reported with some other types of x-ray film. It's double sided, having emulsion on both sides and therefore twice the potential problem of scratching. But I handle it very carefully and develop it on sheets of glass in the bottom of my trays, with little problem.

It's orthochromatic so doesn't see red light and can therefore be loaded and developed under red safelight. I rate it at ISO 80 and develop it in any standard developer with times typical for similarly rated b&w film; for example 8 min in PMK 1+2+100, 12 min in Pyrocat HD 1+1+100, and a friend of mine uses Rodinal 1+50 for 7 min.

Some people use bleach to strip the emulsion from one side of double sided x-ray film, but I don't, and couldn't imagine anything more messy to try. The practice seems to be going out of fashion as there seems to be little gain in sharpness. Later today I'll dig out a 4x5 neg on this film and scan it so you can judge its tonal qualities and sharpness in a lens camera.
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