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These date codes relate to the late model 7,7s & 7sz RF cameras only but carried on and appeared in SLR camera film chambers and on the rear mount of there related lenses after 1960. The inked number appeared on the locking flange of the TV version of the .095 lens but not on the RF mount .095 lens or any other M39 lenses.
In my book, I have dedicated a chapter to early Canon Rangefinder Lens serial numbers (1939-1971), which had bugged me for years. To do it without computers would have made the task impossible but a fortnight of deliberation I finally worked out what Canon were up to. They did not want to copy Nikon's method which is very easy to follow, so devised there own system. At the moment I am working on the camera body superstructure serial numbers but they did things in batches as all the tops are the same to a point but what is added around the top depicts what type of camera Canon were putting together. Beats watching TV I suppose. Peter

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