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Originally Posted by alexandru_voicu View Post
Hi everyone,

I believe the title says it all. I'm thinking of buying a new Nikon F6 - as it's generally agreed it's still in production. But where can I find one in Europe (to buy online)? Any ideas?

Hi Alex,

in Europe you can get the F6 for example in Germany at
- Nikon Germany directly:

- Brenner Fotoversand:

- Amazon:

And most of the bigger German dealers with local shops (chains) like Foto Gregor, Foto Leistenschneider, Fotomax can order it for you, too.

As someone who is using the F6 with MB-40 vertical grip for years I highly recommend it. The best 35mm SLR ever built. Period.
I've used mine just today, and have shot the new Adox HR-50 film .
Go for a brand new F6, you will not regret it.

Cheers, Jan
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