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Melanie: I can only imagine the feeling; not for the loss of the camera, but for the personal violation. I too am glad you are OK.

WRT your answer about Leica vs. OM, I feel the same way. Yesterday and today I have been carrying the OM with 50/1.4 & 28/2.8. The 50/1.4 is significantly "bulkier" than the 50/1.8, but the combination is still compact and balanced. As I shot informal portraits and grab shots with it yesterday, it was almost like falling in love again. The combination of the 1.4 and the big, bright OM viewfinder actually helped me make better pictures. The ability to focus closer than the 42/1.8 on the SP was also a factor ...

... and that, as to OlyMan's comment, is another factor. I find the two are suited to different types of shooting. At the lake Friday morning, the SP was perfect for walking around with only that camera, making shots of the pavilions, the fencing on the beach, etc. The OM would have been fine, but the visualization process is different.
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