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Originally Posted by filmtwit View Post
I have/had few 35's over the years, including a Zeiss, Voitlander Konica Hex and an older Canon and Nikkor, all of em flare when you expose the lens straight to light. Some a little more than others (Voitlander and Nikkor). i tend to think that folks are over blowing the flare problems with cron here. Personally I like mine and I like it more then Voitlander, the Zeiss and in digital, the nikkor (I like the nikkor slightly more when I shoot film). The Canon wasn't that great to start with. The cron asph (for me) has been great, espeically once I learned what you can really do with it.

Lux vs Cron question: On the used market, the cron asph is 40%-50% the price of a used lux asph. I sdimply don't have the money for $3500-$4k lens. And having taken a few workshops with some fairly well known folsk, all of them had 35mm f2 cron asph as their prime lens.

Interesting that you mention the hex. I just found a mint copy of the 35mm m-hexanon and pulled the trigger (half the price of a used 35mm chron).
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