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Originally Posted by Larry Cloetta View Post
I like that photo^^^^^as it is very striking, and would agree that you have done an admirable job working with the characteristics of the lens, something I never managed to that extent (just sold mine). But, I have a hard time believing that Leica themselves really believe that this is a good thing, or something that was designed into the lens intentionally. In my mind, owning the lens, even though there were obviously some positives, defending the flare behavior to myself always felt like The Emperorís New Clothes. Itís just really difficult to see it as anything but an unfortunate flaw in the design or execution (coatings) of the lens. I had to admit to myself, that it was behavior I would never make excuses for had it been in an M42 Pentax lens.
50mm V5 ASPH Summicron, same thing, though I havenít sold that one.
Original question, given the choice, Iíd personally opt for the Summilux FLE for the same money, but they each have their virtues.

I came to the same conclusion. I went to see the FLE, but it seemed like it had been cleaned too much on the front element (the edges of the lens looked dirty and I couldn't clean it).
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