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Originally Posted by jacobjuul View Post
I am curious if the flaring issues are there when using the hood?
Hood and filter on in all three of these. The filter is creating the ghost, and increasing the veiling flare. FWIW I don't think this lens has flare issues. Yes it will flare in certain situations. You have to have direct sun near the edge of the frame or just outside it for it to misbehave. For the top and bottom shots I posted, I was intending for the flare to happen. For the middle shot I wasn't, but the little flare that showed up doesn't detract from the composition.

Just have to learn how your lens behaves and use it accordingly.

Originally Posted by Huss View Post
The awful lens flare with veiling, haze and hot spots for $3700.
My 7A 35mm f2 at $200 does a better job.
Not sure what you mean by hot spots, but the ghosts are from the filter. I paid 2KUSD for mine about 7 years ago and it has been great. And it's still worth 2KUSD. The 7A 35mm f2 looks like a fun lens. Chinese makers are really stepping it up it seems...
Happy Shooting!

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