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Originally Posted by Huss View Post
My only beef w the Summicron Asph is lens flare.
Everything else is great.
Originally Posted by Huss View Post
If you look at the comparison I did with my Summicron Asph you will see that that lens also has some distortion.
Originally Posted by Huss View Post
The ugly barrel distortions that you claim, w/o having used one, is no less ugly than in the Summicron 35
Originally Posted by maartenmoerman View Post
Shot the louvre in Abu Dhabi. 7artisans 35mm, LeicaM6, kodak ektrachome, scanned on hasselblad imacon.

images are 34mpixel, was a quick scan, might be some dust on it, quick conversion to jpeg with apple-preview from tiff format, no corrections done.

Sharpness is amazing, barrel distortion is present.

Flares like lomography lens and distortions just same as from 7A 35 f2 cheap lens.
Anyone still wants to pay for new Cron ASPH after seen, reading this?
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