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Thanks for replying guys.

Originally Posted by farlymac View Post
Check the negatives to see if the leak strikes the sprocket holes. If it does, then it's from the film door. If it doesn't, then it's coming from the front somewhere.
Sprocket holes on negs are OK, so I was guessing it was from something on front as you said.
In room dark enough with flashlight lightning through lens I checked possible leaks from the front, but I didn't find any (I was looking very carefully, there was leak only when I snapped the shutter ).

But I can't seem to find any leak signs looking on negatives. Maybe it's not so noticeable because they are not so heavy, or it's the scanner in photo shop that was making those marks.
I tried some random android app for negative scanning and still no sign of leaks on negs (black dots in video are from light source). See below:

I was looking at those two photos:

Solution to eliminate doubts is I guess try to scan negs somewhere else or, with friendly approach, try to explain the problem in photo shop which scanned the negs in first place
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