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Originally Posted by Kai-san View Post
There was no difference between A and B, both are really dry powder that runs out of the bag by itself. I could not see any difference from the old powder, and I have used Xtol for many years. Where are yours made, US or Germany?
For sure then my other 2nd XTOL is bad too. The ECOPRO just came in. The packaging is a million times better. A and B are foil packaging and they are both inside another bigger sealed foil packaging. Both A and B parts are like they should be, super fine powder. Just like the older XTOL.

Going to develop in a little bit, Ill let you know how it goes but Im already pretty sure its going to be fine. Cant believe Freestyle is packaging Kodaks chemicals better then Kodak does. If all is the same Im just going to keep buying ECOPRO.
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