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Originally Posted by Ted Striker View Post
Yes, Kodak is run by an appalling group of bean counters. It's amazing that they are still around after making one epic mistake after another. So many unforced errors by Kodak. Where's the new Super 8mm camera announced YEARS ago? Vaporware. Where are the Kodak Coins announced YEARS ago. Vaporware.

Remember Eastman Chemical? Kodak's large scale chemical company? Kodak sold it off and then went bankrupt. Eastman Chemical continues to this day being nicely profitable. Freed from Kodak's blithering management team, they prospered.
I always found it somewhat amusing that Kodak discontinued magnetic striped Super 8, which was really one of their best inventions. It was a super simple way of getting sound-synced cine at a reasonable price. For a while at least surplus Super 8 cartridges with sound stripes were going for insane prices on eBay, indicative of at least reasonably good demand.

Kodak, like some other companies who's glory days are n the past, cannot seem to accept the need to downsize to their niche strengths, which were considerable. I think they would have been better off focusing on being smaller and specialized, and getting in very close touch with the needs of their remaining customers.
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