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John: I didn't post all the photos from the roll, just the better ones. Almost all of them show some degree of the striation, but it seems to get worse towards the end of the roll.

Solinar: Could be. The second curtain looks older than the first, and may be letting light through.

Tim: Timing? No, the exposures are basically correct. Scanning? No, it's in the negatives.

Godfrey: The timing is good, but second curtain shows cracking, first curtain looks like it was replaced recently.

retinax: Hard to say. The more I look at the negatives, the more confusing it becomes. In frames where the lens cap was on (four out of twenty-four) I see no occurrence of the striation, but the light leak is evident in two of them. I also see no evidence of striation between frames.

I have another roll of Tri-X in 36 exposures from a different batch, so I'll shoot that first with all the LTM lenses just to see which lenses are operating correctly, as I promised one of them to Chris Crawford. If I get the striations again, then I'll send it off to DAG for curtain replacement.

Waiting for the light
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