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My first new M lens
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My first new M lens

A short story of a lens.

As one would expect, most of my rangefinder gear is used. M6, M4, all my lenses from a 1939 50 Elmar that came with my IIIb, to a 1974 35 cron I picked up from a man in a diner in upstate NY, to a Voigtlander that I traded a 90mm for in Manhattan. The list goes on.

However, my first brand new rangefinder acquisition came in the mail today. I believe part of this purchase was fueled from GAS, which I now feel is a real disease. Yet, the real reason for the purchase was a love for this lens' sheer beauty.

I thought about this for weeks. Did I need a new 50? I tried hard to find reasons to say yes. YES! But I had a v4 50 cron, the best of the best they say, why did I need this one? Because it looked stunning and the images produced seemed equally as stunning.

The lens suddenly went on sale, a sign? Possibly, so I pulled the trigger. I'm the last to believe a lens or any gear for that fact makes anyone a good photographer, but sometimes you just see a piece of equipment and say, I need that! I can see that camera, that lens, being handed down to my children and my children's children. Can you imagine what grandpa saw with this?

And so here I am unwrapping the lens from its bag, unveiling a jewel of a lens. A figure of art unlike anything I've ever attached to a camera body. I hold that Voigtlander 50mm 1.5 in my hand, the chrome shining in my eyes resembling the grill of our antique fire truck at my volunteer firehouse. Beauty. I attach it to my film Leica and fall in love.

Now lets go make some good pictures dammit!
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