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Originally Posted by healyzh View Post
... I was starting to think seriously about the M10. ...

Somehow in looking at both the M (Type 240), and the M10, I'd not realized that Leica has moved to digitally projected framelines until this last Friday. Does this give any greater accuracy on the Framelines? Does it help in low-light? Basically, what are the benefits?

For the virtual horizon only show in Live View, or does it show up in the rangefinder window somehow? ...
I've owned all three (M9, M-P 240, and M10-P), so I thought I'd put in my 2 cents. ...

The M9 has the best color rendition of any of the three, IMHO, but I'm not sure I'd pay to have the sensor replaced. You should have had it done when Leica was offering it at no cost.

The differences between the M-P 240 and the M10-P are not significant for my purposes. The M-P 240 body is thicker, has less dynamic range, has less light sensitivity, but can produce video. The truth is - in most situations you'd never notice a difference between them in your pictures post-processing. And I did numerous M-P 240 B&W conversions in P.S. with fantastic results.

As with some others, I actually prefer the non-illuminated framelines (easier on battery power and I've never had issues when non-illuminated in other Leica M cameras). I'll probably never use the touch screen feature on the M10-P, but the shutter is unbelievably quiet - but not enough of a reason to upgrade (for me).

So why did I upgrade? The M-P 240 sensor technology is ~7-years old and I felt it was time in order to maximize the value of my M-P 240; I wanted to do it before the next-gen "M11" comes out and I got a great deal on an M10-P from! Coming from an M9 I'd say the M10 would probably suit you nicely (unless you found an M10-P at a great price).

And, FWIW, I've never used the virtual horizon feature.
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