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Originally Posted by healyzh View Post
.......The big deal for me is the artificial horizon.......
Zane – The M10P/M10P-upgrade Live View 'horizon' is appallingly implemented. The only [default] way to use it is with the Live View image you are trying to level being cropped [top, and bottom] with camera-settings information.

Those 'header' and 'footer' settings cannot be disengaged without losing the horizontal-levelling. I seem to be the only one bothered that Leica won't allow the unwanted crop to be turned off, but it drives me crazy every time I use my chronically hampered camera. The 'header/footer' crop nonsense also applies to use of the live-histogram. With the camera tripod mounted there's a work around to see one's levelled, uncropped composition, but handheld there is no work around. I need horizontality [at least] all the time, I work handheld in urban settings most of the time.

........... Chris
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