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Originally Posted by krötenblender View Post
Regarding M10 vs. M10-P: Both are more or less the same camera, especially the sensor and thus the image-quality. The M10-P has touch-screen operation as its main technical advantage and, of course, the changed design of the body. If the touch-screen and the different design is the worth the higher price, if up to you, of course. But I don't see any good reason, to buy any-digi-leica-P over the regular ones. The difference always was too small, IMHO.
You're touching on the argument that has been going back and forth in my mind. The touch-screen isn't a big deal, though coming from the M9, it's BEAUTIFUL. The big deal for me is the artificial horizon. Part of the time I'll be using this on a tripod with a 3-way head to get the camera as close to perfectly level as possible. I shot with the M9 this way, but needed to use a level in the flash socket. Still not 100% on the M10-P over the M10, but leaning that way heavily.

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